Bonfire, Smores and Stories

La Belle Winery in Amherst, NH joins the Odyssey Writing Workshop in welcoming guests to a family-friendly night of fun.  Story Slam in the Vineyard will take place on Sunday, November 2nd from 4-6:30 pm and feature readings from well-known authors.  Visit the La Belle for admission details. See the list of the readings/authors below:

“Makers” by Jennifer Noelle Welch
“Passable Strangers” by Brian Staveley
“The Land Beyond” by E. L. Mellor
“Alone” by Brent C. Smith
“The Art of Losing” by Heather Albano
“DamnCat” by Jim Isaak
“The Muse’s Lament” by Patrick LeClerc
“Portal” by Victoria Witt
“Three Easy Payments” by Richard William Bradford
“Skin Colors” by Sarah Smith
“Consider the Services of the Departed” by F. Brett Cox
“Prelude to Neptune Crossing” by Jeffrey A. Carver
“The Most Beautiful Antlers” by Lauren O’Donnell
“Some Kind of Hero” by Jason Allard
“Mirabelle Dances the Tango” by Marlana Patton
Excerpt from “Temporary Hauntings” by Craig Shaw Gardner
“Late Train” by Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald
“Fifty States” by James L. Cambias
“The Limited Utility of Sand Weasels” by Alexander Jablokov
“Little Monsters” by Jenise Aminoff
“Quintessence” by Jeanne Cavelos

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